We offer an unprecedented lifetime warranty on all of our service and new bikes...for the life of the part.
KBH does not just eliminate the symptom. We repair the cause of the symptom.
We proudly carry only brands that we believe in.

Why Do We Do It?

- For over 100 years we have viewed bicycle mechanics as a professional career... not just a hobby.

- We do it for the love of cycling. Cycling has been very good to everyone here. We feel the need to repay the sport, the hobby and hopefully spread the joy that cycling has given us...to everyone. Riding a bike is should simply be fun.

- We wanted a place that you could get expert advice without an "expert" attitude. We do not take ourselves seriously, but we do take bicycles and bicycle repair seriously. We truly love ALL kinds of bikes.

- We never forget that our customers support our lifestyle way more than we support theirs...we sincerely thank you for the opportunity to serve the Knoxville cycling community. We want you to be our partner in cycling and a partner in our success.

WELCOME TO YOUR SHOP...we just work here. We have created a place that is the type of place we want to hang out (since we are hanging out here most of the time) and hope that you do to. Ride in and have a drink, tell some lies and don't forget to give us a hard time.

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